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5.8 kW Cooling / 7.0kW Heating High Wall Split Inverter Reverse Cycle Heat Pump

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A Daikin Split System will air condition one room or an area of your home. Discreet wall-mounted models, compact floor consoles and versatile floor and ceiling units are all part of the Daikin range.

Create perfect conditions all year round with Daikin reverse cycle split system air conditioners.

Power-Airflow Dual Flaps
This unique system directs warm air to the floor in winter and cool air upwards in summer for maximum efficiency and comfort. The large flap governs airflow direction while the small flap (or diffuser) swings, producing fine air currents that help circulate the air around the room.

Wide Angle Lourves Wide Angle Lourves
Wide angle lourves with their innovative curved design, provide air flow coverage to effectively cool/heat, no matter where the indoor unit is placed in the room.
Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down) Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down)
The small flap in the indoor unit automatically swings up for finely tuned adjustments of the air current. When the unit is switched off the louvre closes automatically.
Indoor Unit Quiet Operation Indoor Unit Quiet Operation
Sound levels are reduced for quieter and more gentle heating and cooling.
Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation
Daikin's new "Outdoor Unit Silent Operation" function cuts operating sound levels for the outdoor unit by 2dB, simply by pushing a button.
Intelligent Eye Intelligent Eye
The intelligent eye is an infrared sensor with the ability to sense human movement in a room. When you are in the room, the air conditioner operates normally. If you leave the room for more than 20 minutes the air conditioner automatically changes to energy saving operation.

Automatic Operation Automatic Operation
For unattended year round comfort, this function allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling modes as required.
Programme Dry Function Programme Dry Function
This function automatically reduces the level of humidity rather than room temperature.
Auto Fan Speed Auto Fan Speed
To reduce operating noise, the fan speed is automatically controlled by the microprocessor to suit the thermostat setting and room temperature.
Mould-Proof Operation Mould-Proof Operation
Mould-Proof Operation automatically runs fan-only operation for one hour when cooling or dry operation is stopped preventing the generation of mould and mould odours inside the indoor unit.

Mould-Proof Air Filter Mould-Proof Air Filter
The pre-filter net is impregnated with a safe, colourless, and odourless mould preventative. This virtually renders the filter immune to mould.
Wipe-Clean Flat Panel Wipe-Clean Flat Panel
The smooth surface allows models to be cleaned simply and easily with a cloth. The front panel can be removed for a more thorough clean.
Econo Mode Econo Mode
Econo Mode reduces the maximum operating current and power consumption of the outdoor unit by approximately 30% during start-up. This provides outstanding energy savings and convenience when using multiple air conditioners and electrical devices simultaneously.

Inverter Powerful Operation Inverter Powerful Operation
Pushing the POWERFUL button on the remote controller gives you a 10% boost in cooling power for a 20 minute period, even if the unit is already operating at high capacity.
LCD Wireless Remote Control LCD Wireless Remote Control
The remote controller puts comfort at your finger tips. Frequently used buttons are instantly accessible while other pre-set buttons are under the cover of the remote (except for FVY models). A large liquid crystal panel makes it easy to read the settings and the On/Off button has raised dots so that you can feel it in the dark.

Indoor Unit On/Off Switch Indoor Unit On/Off Switch
A convenient On/Off Switch on the indoor unit allows you to start up the system even if you have misplaced the remote controller or the remote controller batteries are exhausted.
24-Hour On/Off Timer 24-Hour On/Off Timer
The timer can be preset to start and stop the air conditioner at any time within a 24 hour period. Once the times are set, the air conditioner can be operated for a period by simply pressing the ON or OFF timer buttons.

Night Set Mode Night Set Mode
Through the use of the 'Timer-OFF Circuit', the preset room temperature gently rises or falls before the unit stops. This energy-saving feature allows you to sleep comfortably without feeling a sudden change in the room temperature, while at the same time saving energy.

Anti-Corrosion Anti-Corrosion
The special anti-corrosion coating on the outdoor unit heat exchanger ensures greater resistance to salt damage and atmospheric pollution.
Self Diagnosis Self Diagnosis
In the event that a problem develops with the unit, malfunction codes are displayed on the liquid crystal panel of the remote controller for fast and easy maintenance.
Auto-Restart Auto-Restart
The unit memorises the operation mode, air flow setting, temperature and timing settings so that, should there be a power failure when the unit is in operation, it will automatically return to the same operating conditions when the power is restored.

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter
This filter combines the Air-Purifying Filter and Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Deodorising Filter in a single highly effective unit. This filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even adsorbs and deactivates bacteria and viruses. It lasts for three years without replacement if washed once every six months
Washable Grille Washable Grille
The front grille of the indoor unit is detachable to allow for easy cleaning. The panel can be wiped over with a soft cloth and mild detergent solution and then simply snapped back into position.

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